Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Special

Father’s Day Special, June 19th
Dinner/Concert at Fisherman’s Wharf
With Lennie Gallant
In honor of Father’s Day, Fisherman’s Wharf will be offering a truly unique dining experience for those who wish to celebrate the special “Dads” in their lives, among family and friends.  Lennie Gallant, recognized as Canada’s premier singer/songwriter, will be performing a dinner/concert on Sunday, June 19th, with two seatings available at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.  Patrons will have the option of selecting from a special menu of fine cuisine created by Chef Steve Richards.  The price for dinner and the concert is $30.
Recognized by his peers as one of Canada’s best performing songwriters, Lennie Gallant is a native of Prince Edward Island now living in Nova Scotia. This prolific songwriter has recorded nine albums (seven in English and two in French), which have won him a host of awards and nominations from both the JUNOs and East Coast Music Awards. His album, "When We Get There" was nominated for a JUNO Award;  it went into space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour in July 2009 when Canadian astronaut Julie Payette chose the album for the astronaut crew to enjoy. Lennie claims his album, "If We Had A Fire", released in 2009, is his best work yet. Recorded in beautiful St. Cecilia Studios on the outskirts of Halifax, the album holds 14 new Gallant songs, performed by the artist and some of the best musicians the East Coast has to offer. "If We Had A Fire" won the 2010 "Roots Recording of the Year" at the East Coast Music Awards.
Lennie has shared the stage with such accomplished songwriters as Lucinda Williams, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Patti Griffin, and Ron Sexsmith and has represented Canada at songwriter events in Nashville, London, and Texas. “Our northern neighbor has given us some of the best songwriters living today. You can add Lennie Gallant to that list,” says The Performing Songwriter
Celebrate Father’s Day enjoying fine cuisine, uplifting music and panoramic views for a truly unique dining experience at the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn. Reservations are recommended.  For more information contact Fisherman’s Wharf at 633-5090, or

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Look What's Popping Up at the Fisherman's Wharf Inn

Since last Friday, guests and visitors to the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn may have noticed a new neighbor. The delightful aromas of freshly popped popcorn may give them an insight into the new addition to our parking lot- that’s because the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company, formerly of 12 Oak Street, has joined us at 22 Commercial Street. This move, precipitated by the need for larger production capacity, looks, so far, to be a profitable and popular move for everyone involved.

                Having recently expanded their operations to Exchange Street in Portland, Maine- business there is soaring in that busy locale- Julie and Paul Roberts, owner-operators, decided it was high time to ramp up their production capabilities. Their location in Boothbay Harbor, while decent, has always been sort of out of the central hub of activity in the harbor. With the step up in production, they cast their eyes down the hill to the center of the harbor, needing a new spot and a better location. As luck or fate or destiny would have it, the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn had just the spot for them.

                The shop in the corner of the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn’s parking lot has served many purposes over the years. In the beginning, it was our on-site laundry, handling the cleaning and pressing duties for both the dining room and guest rooms. When these duties were outsourced, the space was converted to a small ice cream shop, serving up delicious treats for young and old alike. Most recently, it served as a small gift shop- its most popular product being cotton candy- but stood empty to start the year. Empty, as if the space itself were refusing to be filled until it had found the right tenant. And along came Coastal Maine Popcorn Company, and its’ over thirty heavenly flavors- a perfect match and a perfect spot.

                If you have never sampled this product, then I encourage you to come down and try some of this delicious popcorn. If you are a bit addicted to the many flavors, as I am, then come down and check out their new spot at 22 Commercial Street, in the parking lot of the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn. It’s a new spot, but the same great flavors, and the same great service. They are still getting all their signs up, and I am sure we are going to have some lost popcorn aficionados stop by the front desk for directions, but it is clear to your humble scribe that the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company has found itself a new home- and its relationship with the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn will be a long lasting flavor indeed! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bright Lights Over Boothbay Harbor: The Fourth of July Weekend in Maine

Please pardon me as I wipe my brow- the heat wave that has settled the over the east coast is stealing both my breath and the very water from my body. However, as I sit here and whine about the heat, I recall last summer, when it was the rain that we were complaining about. So, on the whole, the weather for the Fourth of July weekend this year has been perfect. And despite the sweltering temperatures, tourists flocked to the area, filling the streets, the hotels and the restaurants.

                Intrepid travelers all, our guests at the Fisherman’s Wharf and the rest of Boothbay Harbor’s hotel fought their way through miles of traffic, the horrific traffic mess of Wiscasset, down Route 27 and into the harbor. For a few days, at least, it was like old times in Boothbay Harbor- the streets choked with shoppers and diners, sightseers and boat-trip takers- all eager to have a good time, to eat good food and enjoy the holiday. Craft fairs and art sales abounded, and there were plenty of activities to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

                There are many special things about the Fourth of July, but for me and, I am sure, many others, the defining moment of the Independence holiday is certainly the fireworks display. My wife and I had the fortune to secure tickets on the wildly popular Reggae Fireworks Cruise aboard the Harbor Princess. The fine folks at the Boothbay Whale Watch, the operator of the Harbor Princess, have made a tradition of taking an extra long cruise to take in the fireworks; my wife and I went along for the ride.

                Smooth seas, spectacular weather and great friends were the order of the evening. The sky was afire as the Sun blazed its path to the horizon, seemingly setting the ocean on fire on its way down. The music from the always special Dani Tribesman was perfect, and everyone was having a great time. When the Sun finally settled into the sea, and the night had taken over, it was time for the fireworks. As we slowed to a halt at the mouth the harbor, Captain Woody positioned the boat perfectly for all of his passengers to get the best view of the upcoming display. And a fine display it was, a show to be remembered (Or in the case of some of the Princess’s passengers, a display to be not remembered as a result of rum punch). Either way, it was great night of patriotism and pageantry, and a successful Fourth of July Holiday.

                If any of the above sounds interesting and you have a yearning for fireworks and fun, maybe you should consider spending next year with us, the fine folks at the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. You are sure to have a great time, to make some memories, and see a great display of fireworks.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soggy to satisfying on Windjammer Days 2010

When the day arrived, it showed up foggy and out of sorts. When it left, it left with a bright, colorful fireworks display and lots of satisfied attendees. Thus was the story of Windjammer Day’s 2010- a foggy, gray start, moving on towards a clear afternoon, and finishing with a clear evening. The tall ships, at least those that decided to come in and anchor in the harbor, were majestic, stately and seemed to be almost pulled from a past where these giant vessels were the prime mode of transport throughout the world. Though we live in an age where the quickest solution- especially when it comes to transport- is always the most sought after, it seems we hold in our hearts a fond remembrance for the conveyances of our past. You only have to look as far as the classic automobiles that dot summer roads to know that, sometimes, older is better. And these magnificent ships are no different. A Boothbay Harbor tradition for forty-eight summers, Windjammer Days bring in throngs of people, some whom probably remember the first one. Though the number of ships may have declined, and the streets may not have been as choked with people, the two days in 2010 were successful- everyone that left our hotel had a great time, shopping, eating and taking in the events.  As always, if the weather had been better Wednesday morning, then we would have achieved perfection. However, no trip to Maine could possibly be complete without a touch a fog and a dash of rain.
                The event, first held in 1963 in coinciding with the 200th anniversary of shipbuilding in the Boothbay Region, honors the past by letting these glorious ladies of the sea take center stage every summer. These two days have traditionally been viewed as the “official” kick-off to summer- followed up closely by the Fourth of July holiday; it has always been a busy couple of weeks to prepare hotel, restaurant and retail staffs for the work of the summer. Many hidden gems can be found during these two days, from a pancake breakfast to the craft fair on the Boothbay common- you always have to keep your eyes open, or you might just miss something. And I will tell you from experience, there is nothing quite like one of this massive ships heading towards you, dropping anchor, and skimming to a stop just a few yards in front of you. And the cannon- well, let’s just say that your truly was almost startled directly into ocean by the cannon fire, which signifies the ship has anchored. All and all, the tall ships are truly a beautiful display of living history.

The day is always capped off with a display of pyrotechnics. In many years, the weather, always the fickle mistress of the summer traveler; postponed the fireworks. The result when this happens is twice the fireworks on the Fourth of July. However, this year, despite the foggy/rainy start to the day, the fireworks went off as scheduled. Impressive to say the least, these fireworks were the longest that I could remember for Windjammer Days- at one point, they appeared to stop, only to commence again. The crowd, which had been drifting away from the pier, lurched back in surprise, awaiting the finale. Simple though they may be, fireworks have always had an allure, and are a great way to put a proverbial cherry on the top of the treat that is Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor.   

                In summary, Windjammer Day’s in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is certainly worth the trip. But I would suggest that, if you want to stay in the harbor, call and book early. Here at the Fisherman’s Wharf, we book up early with many guests that have been coming for years. With those rooms filled, it leaves us with a small collection of rooms for new guests. Why not start your own tradition today and book with us for Windjammer Days 2011? We are waiting for your call.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skimming the Skies with Ocean Point Aviation

                On Tuesday of this week, your faithful scribe had an opportunity to check out a local sightseeing trip. Now, you say, there are plenty of sightseeing trips in Boothbay Harbor, and I would tell you that was true. However, this particular trip was not in Boothbay Harbor- it was above it. David and Kerrith Stapp, owners and operators of Ocean Point Aviation, LLC, had extended an invitation for local hospitality staff to experience a scenic flight of the area, and to experience firsthand what they had to offer. Guests can choose from a short tour for $85 per person, which lasts about a half hour, and a long tour, about an hour, for $115 per person; as anyone can plainly see, the longer trip is much more economical. It was explained to me that this reflects the preparation time on the ground that it takes for a flight, regardless of the time in the air- so why not take the longer flight, it is defiantly worth the extra thirty dollars.

              After a short drive up to Wiscasset- traffic was light on Tuesday, so it made for easy going- I met with David, owner and chief pilot, and prepared for my scenic flight. Utilizing a state of the art Cessna 172, with seating for three plus the pilot, David Stapp certainly looks the part. Aviators firmly in place on the weather perfect day, he invited me to join him in the cockpit to begin our flight. The first thing that I noticed was a large graphical display on the dash- current GPS technology has advanced leaps and bounds since I have been in the cockpit of a small airplane. Providing my pilot with up to date information on weather, traffic patterns and other airplanes, this handy gadget definitely eases any doubts as to the safety of the flight; just below the display is a row of back-up, non-technological gauges, in the case that the computers fail. Back-ups for back-ups make for a very safe flight. There was a shout of, “Clear prop!” and we were off.
                Though it was short flight, simply to give me a flavor of what they were offering; the brief trip afforded me some spectacular views of Boothbay Harbor and the surrounding the area. If you have never seen the Botanical Gardens from the air, it is quite impressive. The harbor, with its scores of moored sailboats and powerboats, is quite picturesque from the air. Ocean Point Aviation certainly provides a unique way to take in the sights- a standard long flight will take you down the river to Bath, up along the coast, giving you a glimpse of Fort Popham and the beach; you will also be able take in many of the local lighthouses from the air, as well as gain a true appreciation for the proverbial “rocky coast” of Maine.
                Though the cross-winds at the Wiscasset Airport are ranked in the top five for worst in the country – learn to fly there and you can fly anywhere, they tell me- our landing was smooth, if a bit rocky. Our journey completed, my feet back on the ground, I met with David’s wife, Kerrith, who handles the marketing for their business- we had a quick chat about social marketing and its growing importance into today’s market. After a few tasty nibbles on the provided snacks, I was back on the road, heading back into Boothbay Harbor. However, my head remained in the clouds; my mind’s eye soaring with the wind- the Boothbay Harbor Region is simply breathtaking from the air. Call Ocean Point Aviation at 207-380-1884 today to book your own scenic coastal plane ride today!                

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cruising Around with the Reggae Cruise on the Harbor Princess

This week’s blog posting will be the first in what will hopefully be a series of exposes about the various trips, excursions and activities available to our guests when they come to Boothbay Harbor. I hope to pay a visit to this different venues, experience them as a traveler would, and post, complete with photos, about the experience. This week’s posting will be about the Reggae Cruise with the Boothbay Whale Watch.
In the name of full disclosure, your faithful scribe has gone on more than one Reggae Cruise- in fact, I have been going on these fun filled excursions since shortly after my twenty-first birthday. Locally, it has become a weekly summer tradition for people; come Monday morning, the phone in the ticket booth is ringing off the hook. Various “cruise organizers” make their lists, and book accordingly- usually during its peak operation, the Harbor Princess sells out in short order- so book early and often if you want to check out this unique excursion in the Boothbay Harbor area.
Your night will begin with the short trek from land, down the gangway, into the awaiting arms of the Harbor Princess. You will be greeted before you board, by one of the friendly, dependable crew members. They are there to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the passengers- veterans all, they are sure to greet you with a smile.  The next step, for those of the cocktail set, will be to venture to into the bowels of the galley, to stand in line for one of large selection of tasty beverages. Now, if you are in the know and know someone amidst the crew, your wait time might be shorter, but the line does not move until you leave the dock, so if you are not in hurry, wander around the ship and get your bearings first. The bottom deck affords passengers a 360 degree view of the surroundings, a fact that comes in quite handy in the vessels other role as the premier whale watching vessel in Boothbay Harbor.
As you familiarize yourself with the layout of the Princess, you will probably here the first dulcet chords emanating from of the centerpiece of the Reggae Cruise- the Dani Tribesman- a group of extremely talented, down to earth friendly musicians. Lead by the irrepressible Dave Gagne, the Tribesman have been playing together for years-this shows in their comfortable playing style, voluminous song selection, and the overall character of the band as a whole.  Though primarily focused on reggae music, you should not be surprised to hear a little Buffet mixed in, with a swirl of John Denver or Blind Melon for flavoring. Overall, the music is the highlight of the cruise- by the end, on a good night, with the weather cooperating, the music brings everyone together; though the sun may have set, the night is usually full of happy folks, singing and dancing together, under the stars, on the top deck.
Drink prices are reasonable, the food is appropriately greasy and delicious, and the bartenders are quick with both drinks and humor. The first trip of the season in 2010 was on Memorial Day Weekend, a full two to three weeks earlier than normal. And what a fabulous trip it was- lots of familiar faces, eager for the first trip of the season. The weather could not have been more perfect, the band was in mid-season form, and the seas were calm and blue. We here at the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn are always eager to work with our local partners, and in that spirit, we offer special room rates for reggae cruisers on Sunday nights (and Thursday nights for the Cahoots cruise)- $95 + tax will put your head in a bed for the night. No need to worry about driving- the Harbor Princess leaves right for our dock- convenience and fun, all in one package. Please note, this special is for ticketed passengers of the Reggae Cruise and does not include tickets for the boat.   I would encourage one and all to come down to Boothbay Harbor and experience this cruise. You will not be disappointed- just remember, book early- tickets go on sale each Monday for the following Sunday. Check this and other available trips on the Harbor Princess at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June has arrived and we are two weeks into the 2010 season. The season has started out extremely promising, for us here at the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn and for all the local shops and excursions- Memorial Day Weekend was beautiful and busy, which of course is beautiful in its self. We hosted another successful Alumni Dinner, and the parade on Monday was a fine tribute to veterans everywhere. Every year, after the holiday, there is a lull- the town clears out quite a bit- and remains calm for a couple of weeks. This is a great time to visit Boothbay Harbor. It is a fabulous time to visit the sights without the crowds, to drive the coast without traffic, and enjoy spectacular food without having to wait for a table. I would encourage everyone to visit during this period before Windjammer Day’s- most everything is open, and you will find great deals walking off the street for lodging. Always make sure to ask for a room upgrade; invariably, hotels will want to put their best foot forward and upgrade you to nicer room, for the same price, when they are not busy. If you are a shopper or would just like to have a few days relaxation by the sea, the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is a perfect spot for any and all vacation desires.
                The end of June is really the kick off to the summer season. The first major summer event, Windjammer Days, comes near the end of June, after which the town is busy and bustling until Labor Day. There is nothing quite like seeing the majestic windjammers sailing into the harbor. If you open your mind’s eye, you can almost picture a time when the wind was the sole source of propulsion for sailing, and these tall ships were the norm.  They were like floating villages, with every member of the crew doing their part to ensure the safety of the whole. Though the crew’s of today windjammers are probably not the career sailors of the past, they still take pride in their job, keeping the vessels in fine working condition- all in all, it is a unique opportunity to view these pieces of living history.  But book early, because rooms go fast for these couple of days in June. Here at Fisherman’s Wharf, we have guests that have been staying in the same room, for this event, for over twenty years. You have to be lucky or have really good timing- give us a call, we will let you know what we have available. But please understand that there are not many rooms left at all. Which is a good thing for us- we prefer being busy.
                As we launch ourselves into the full swing of summer, please remember, anytime is a great time to visit Boothbay Harbor and the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn. We have great staff this year- experienced and enthusiastic- and we would love for you to join us. It is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call; someone is here, twenty four hours a day, to take your call and show you what the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn has to offer- fun and relaxation by the sea.